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"35 Years Strong"

Welcome to Farm Country, Inc.

Our Staff

Our full time staff consists of 29 hardworking employees who have worked for Farm Country on average 10 years.   



Eric Shannon leads our sales staff making sure our inventory is well stocked with current inventory and salesmen have the best pricing available.  Wade Jacobson, Martin Allain, Colton Frazier and Bill Frazier are ready to talk about any equipment needs you might have.  All of our salesmen run machinery of their own including the owners Rick and Danny and they understand the needs of our area.



Behind the parts counter you will find Matt Pogue, Travis Furguson, and Dale Thompson ready to supply your parts needs.  Jan Garrett manages over $1Million in parts inventory and helps the guys on the counter when they get overloaded.  Glenda Hickman handles all the parts needs of our service technicians and catches the phone when everybody else is busy with customers.  The entire parts staff have many years experience and have been working for Farm Country a long time.



In our main shop Joe Orren coordinates all service requests.  Judy Machen helps take phone calls and check in equipment while coordinating our drivers for pickup and delivery.  Bryan Thomas and Bill Mangrum pickup and deliver equipment to our customers.  Justin Wilkerson is our trained warranty specialist who also helps answer phones and talk to customers when they bring in their equipment.  We have seven fully trained repair technicians in our main shop with three mobile service trucks available to make calls in the field.  Brad Wagner, John Mark McAfee, Derrick Bailey, Chris Rich, Reid Malone and Brennan Rhoades continually train to learn the latest equipment changes so they can make repairs in the least time possible to ensure little downtime for our customers.  Our setup shop is headed by Josh Rodriguez.  Josh coordinates all setup of new equipment and supervises Rodney Hobbs, Justin Asbill, and Justin Wilkerson to make sure all equipment sales are field ready for the sales department.


All of the paperwork eventually makes it to our office staff.  Carla Frazier, Karen Marts, and Kelly Allen work hard to process all the business transactions in a timely manner.



LuLu and Stella are the guard dogs of Farm Country.  Mostly they guard the food.  They probably have more fans than anybody in the building.  People stop by the dealership just to see them.